Valentine’s Day Offerings

Our Valentine’s Day offerings are sure to bring out the lover in all of us and will be available in the shops from February 1st to February 14th! Pre-order our Sweetheart 6-pack NOW! Available in gluten-free, vegan and minis as well! PERFECT for classroom parties, Valentine’s Day gatherings, and that very special person in your life!

PLUS, our Lacey and Downtown locations will be stocked with Valentine’s Day FLOWERS and GIFT ITEMS from Elle’s Floral Design!

And REGISTER NOW for our Valentine’s Day Build-Your-Own Cupcake Bar at the Downtown location on Saturday, February 11th from 5:00-6:30pm!

Valentine's Day Build Your Own Cupcake Bar

Valentine’s Day Flavors:

Queen of Hearts:

A chocolate-vanilla swirled cupcake with strawberry filling, a layer of pink strawberry buttercream and a dollap of whipped cream cheese!

Cupid’s Kiss:

A chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling, whipped cream cheese frosting, a white chocolate drizzle and a raspberry drizzle!

Red Velvet Fantasy:

A red velvet cupcake with a baked-in chocolate chip cheesecake filling, whipped cream cheese frosting topped with mini chocolate chips!

Black Forest:

A chocolate cupcake with cherry filling, chocolate buttercream, chocolate drizzle and a cherry on top!

Chocolate-covered Strawberry:

A chocolate cupcake with strawberry filling, chocolate buttercream and a chocolate-covered strawberry on top!

Red Hot:

A chocolate OR vanilla cupcake topped with a layer of spicy cinnamon “Red Hot” buttercream and a dollap of whipped cream cheese topped with Red Hots candy!


A vanilla cupcake with colorful vanilla buttercream, topped with sprinkles and Sweethearts candy!

Valentine’s Birthday:

Our traditional vanilla or chocolate birthday cupcake with Valentine’s Day decor!