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Italian macarons are naturally gluten-free, meringue-based cookies filled with our delicious buttercream with a variety of housemade fruit or salted caramel fillings in the center! Flavors may vary in store. For Custom Orders, you may pick ONE flavor per DOZEN or an Assortment. You may fill out an Order Form for macaron orders. A week advance notice is required.

Ingredients: Almond flour, powdered sugar, egg whites. Frosting: Butter, cream cheese, cream, vanilla, and/or cocoa powder.

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  • Chocolate Salted Caramel

    A chocolate macaron with caramel buttercream and our housemade salted caramel filling.

  • Chocoholic

    A chocolate macaron with chocolate buttercream and a ganache drizzle.

  • German Chocolate

    A chocolate macaron with chocolate buttercream, coconut-pecan filling, and coconut flakes.

  • Cookie Dough

    A macaron with cookie dough buttercream and chocolate chips.

  • Cookies & Cream

    A cookies & cream macaron with cookies & cream buttercream and crushed chocolate cookie sandwiches.

  • S’mores

    A marshmallow macaron with chocolate buttercream and graham crumbles.

  • Red Velvet

    A red velvet macaron with cream cheese buttercream

  • Strawberry

    A strawberry macaron with strawberry buttercream and housemade strawberry filling.

  • Peach

    A peach macaron with peach buttercream and a housemade peach filling.

  • Orange Lady Marmalade

    An orange macaron with orange buttercream and a marmalade filling.

  • Mango

    A mango macaron with mango buttercream and a mango filling.

  • Lemon

    A lemon macaron with lemon buttercream and a lemon curd filling.

  • Key Lime

    A lime macaron with lime buttercream and a lime curd filling.

  • Cotton Candy

    A cotton candy macaron with cotton candy buttercream and sugar sprinkles.

  • Berry Awesome

    A macaron with berry buttercream and housemade raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry compote filling.

  • Bubblegum Galaxy

    A galaxy themed, bubblegum macaron with bubblegum buttercream.

  • French Vanilla Mermaid

    A mermaid themed macaron with French vanilla buttercream and housemade French vanilla custard.

  • Birthday Cake

    A macaron with birthday cake buttercream and sprinkles.

  • Coconut Nirvana

    A coconut macaron with shredded coconut, coconut buttercream, and a coconut custard filling

  • Rainbow (Unicorn) Sherbet

    A unicorn macaron with sherbet buttercream.

    • Single
    • Dozen