This place is a gem & I am SO DELIGHTED and grateful it exists! I follow a keto diet to manage a medical condition. I came in and tried a couple different things. I LOVE the keto red velvet cupcake, cinnamon roll, and maple donut. On the website, you can read all the ingredients in each of the pastries, and they don’t use anything crazy!


Miss Moffetts offers the most amazing gluten free and vegan cupcakes I have ever had! I regularly go here as I have a dear friend who is GF, and enjoy sharing baked goods with them. Tasting how wonderful these cupcakes and baked goods are has really helped me to appreciate the skill their bakers have, and how important it is for GF individuals to have access to safe places like this. Cannot recommend enough!

It’s so awesome to someplace that has amazing cupcakes that are allergy friendly. Recently purchased a vegan cake for my birthday. It was delicious. It was nice not having to bake my own cake. Thank you Miss Moffetts Mystical Cupcakes.
We stumbled upon this place while heading home from a girls weekend at Westport and it’s now going to be a regular stop for us. I went overboard with cupcakes… and cookies but it’s not often I find beautiful vegan baked goods. I’m hooked the sugar cookie was light and fluffy and the cinnamon roll was perfectly soft and the cinnamon flavor was excellent. The frosting even tasted like cream cheese frosting. I haven’t yet dug into the cupcakes, I’m trying to save those for my husband. If you’re vegan, GF or keto I highly recommend. If you just like tasty treats. I also recommend.

…I was crying today because I didn’t know this shop had become gluten free, it’s one of the best things I’ve learned. Yes, it tastes a little different but there’s a need in the community for safe gluten free goods.


The cupcakes and cutting cake at our wedding were a HUGE hit and just as delicious as I remember them being at the tasting! Thank you SO MUCH for helping to make our wedding as special as we imagined! Again, thank you. Could not recommend Mystical Cupcakes enough

Savanah and Reid

How amazing it has been to have a gf cupcake place for my kiddo. He has celiac and often has to watch his friends eat cupcakes at a party because it was a last minute invite and I couldn’t whip up a batch of cupcakes overnight. And he is addicted to the cinnamon rolls now.


My kids ages 14 and 21 have been devout Vegans for about 3 years and thus have had very minimal pastries or baked goods. We were glad to find Mystical Cupcakes, they have many options of treats. My kids were totally delighted! I was glad to see them light up with joy… Your display is awesome and the variety of items is wonderful.

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