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Healthy Cupcakes – YES WE DID!!

Guilt-Free Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Guilt-Free Cupcakes

Here at Miss Moffett’s, we are all about inclusiveness, and creating products that people with all types of desires and needs can partake in. Whether you are on a special diet for health or medical reasons, allergies, or simply because you choose to eat less processed foods, we support you, and have worked diligently to create something you can truly enjoy.

Since we first started selling our products at Paprika Cafe in 2013, we have always offered gluten-free as well as regular cupcakes. But we only offered vegan or sugar-free cupcakes by pre-order, and you had to order at least a dozen. In early 2016, we finally started listening to our customers and decided to give them what they were asking for: vegan and sugar-free, available in the shops everyday. We even have “Guilt-Free Cupcakes“, which are gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free, and come in a wide variety of flavors.

Later in 2016, we began offering Paleo cupcakes, which take things to a whole new level. These are made with coconut flour, coconut oil and honey, with ALL ORGANIC ingredients, to provide a cupcake that is gluten-free, dairy-free (does contain eggs) and sugar-free. Why are our Guilt-Free not classified as Paleo? Because they contain rice, corn and agave, all items people on the Paleo diet cannot consume.

Paleo Cupcakes at Miss Moffett's Mystical Cupcakes

Paleo Cupcakes

What the heck is PALEO?

According to Wikipedia*, “the Paleolithic diet (also called the paleo diet, caveman diet or stone-age diet) is based mainly on foods presumed to be available to Paleolithic humans. Wide variability exists in the way the diet is interpreted. However, the diet typically includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, meat, and organ meats while excluding foods such as dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, and alcohol or coffee.”

Our Paleo cupcakes are made in a brownie-like chocolate flavor and topped with a rich chocolate ganache. These are LITERALLY miracles in a cupcake liner, and they are available everyday in our shops and can even be delivered. Plus, we are experimenting with other flavors of Paleo cupcakes, like vanilla and berry combinations.

Questions or comments? Email us now at [email protected]!


Mystical Cupcakes 2nd Location inside the CAPITAL MALL!!

We are so incredibly excited to be opening our second location inside the Capital Mall, by the Food Court.We have been hard at work making our new space as mystical as possible…iPhone Pics 9.22 064 iPhone Pics 9.22 065 iPhone Pics 9.22 068 iPhone Pics 9.22 080 iPhone Pics 9.22 090 iPhone Pics 9.22 092 iPhone Pics 9.22 095 iPhone Pics 9.22 096 iPhone Pics 9.22 097 iPhone Pics 9.22 098 iPhone Pics 9.22 099 iPhone Pics 9.22 100 iPhone Pics 10.12.14 004 iPhone Pics 10.12.14 018 iPhone Pics 10.12.14 019

We open our doors on October 15, this Wednesday!! Can’t wait to see you!!

St. Paddy’s Day Flavors are Now Available!!

I’ve been waiting all year to offer my mouth-watering St. Patrick’s Day flavors! My favorite of all, Shamrock Shake, is inspired by the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. It is a creamy mint cupcake with minty, malted buttercream and whipped cream frosting. YUMMY!


Shamrock Shake

Shamrock Shake










Next, we have the boozy cupcakes: Chocolate Stout and Irish Cream!

Irish Cream

Irish Cream

Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout is a moist and decadent chocolate cupcake infused with stout beer, topped with rich chocolate buttercream. Chocolate lovers will be in heaven!

Just like a shot of Irish Cream, the Irish Cream cupcake is sweet and flavorful, with Irish Cream in the cupcake AND the buttercream.

Pistachio is a bit of a nut. A nutty pistachio cupcake topped with light and fluffy pistachio whipped cream cheese frosting and chopped pistachios.



Last but definitely not least, classic and simple, the Celtic Faerie is a vanilla bean cupcake, filled with green-tinted vanilla bean custard. Topped with a vanilla buttercream flower, green leaves, green sanding sugar and edible glitter, this cupcake is a delicate and dainty way to celebrate the occasion!

Celtic Faerie

Celtic Faerie

We will also be offering mini cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day! Available in increments of two dozen, an assortment of vanilla and chocolate mini cupcakes with festive green frosting and decorations can be pre-ordered for your holiday parties! Call (360) 350-0332 to order!

THANK YOU to all our Customers at our New Shop!!

Cupcake DisplayStorefront Opening!

We are so excited and proud of our brand new storefront at 111 Market St NE #107 downtown Olympia, across from the farmers market. Thank you to all of our loyal and new customers!! Keep coming, and tell your friends to check us out! We will be offering numerous flavors every day, including gluten-free varieties.

Expect to see flavors like Maple Bacon, Lemon Lavender, Orange Dreamsicle and Strawberries & Champagne. We love creative and fun flavors, so if you have any ideas or flavors you’d like to see, let us know!!

Soon, we will also be offering cupcake decorating parties, birthday parties and ladies nights out in our shop after hours. There are lots of exciting and fun things to come. Thank you so much for being a fan!

Fan of the Day

Emily, our fan of the day on Day #2!


Spooktacular Treats!

Candy Corn Latte. Does that bring delightful memories of trick and treating or what?

And since it’s that time of year, at Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes, we’ve been working hard to create the most haunting, spooky and scary cupcakes around. We’ve come up with some delectable seasonal flavors like Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice, as well as some new and fun flavors like “Casper” and “Halloween” Chocolate (read more about these flavors here.)

Our inspiration for some of these flavors actually came from our satellite shop in Centralia, Picasso Brothers Cafe and Espresso. We were so inspired by their seasonal drink menu that we created cupcakes to match their Halloween drinks in flavor, creativity and fun. Here is their menu:

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<3 Rachel

Food Network Debut!

In just one day, Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes will be featured on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars!

Check out the episode theme on Food Network’s website:

I can’t wait to re-live our Cupcake Wars journey and soak in the whole experience Saturday night. What a crazy ride! Cupcake Wars has been amazing, like birthing a baby. It was exhilarating, exhausting and life-changing. And it will bring about a whole new chapter for Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes, bringing us to a new level.

We are very committed to the dream of opening our own storefront in early 2014. There is so much to come, and our partnership with A Muddy Cup coffee gives us even more motivation.

Stay tuned as there is much more to come!

<3 Rachel